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I wanted a long cutting board that could handle 60" wide fabric rolls. Cutting fabric easily and precisely is an important part of reducing waste, and waste reduction is something I also design into my processes?. It also had to be cheap. To that end I came up with this:

It's a six foot long melamine board from Home Depot with self-healing cutting mat glued to the top. I used a 24"x18" Olfa cutting mat, cut into three pieces (it can be cut with scissors). I used a spray adhesive, simply because I had some that needed to be used at some point, but I don't recommend spray adhesives. The ventilation? requirements are too high and most people have no clue about how to handle that properly. White glue should work, or some kind of contact cement.

You'll want to get the cutting mat pieces lined up pretty well so you can use the printed grid for cutting. I used a dial caliper to make sure the lines were the same distance from the edge of the board for each piece.

The cutting bar is just a longer version of safety ruler made out of 3/4" aluminum angle stock. When you're drilling holes for the rivets (or screws, or whatever) you'll want to clamp the pieces together and to the board so the bottom remains flat and true.

I'm just using spring clamps to hold the cutting bar in place. Originally I had a much more complicated idea for holding the bar, but simpler is better here. I modified them slightly by cutting a notch in one jaw to fit over the cutting bar. They're less likely to pop off that way.

To cut I'm using a pretty standard roller blade:

The setup works well, cutting nice and straight through the fabric. It's easy to cut perfect strips of fabric with it. To store it I can just lean it against a wall.

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